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We're back!

Our new look is both temporary and involuntary. A hacker chose to encourage us to update our site software by taking us down. It will take a little time to get things looking and working right again.

Please pardon the mess in the meantime, and rest assured that OLSSI is still going strong. Planning for OLSSI 2015 has continued as usual, and we'll have registration information coming soon!


Another great OLSSI has come and gone!
Thank you so much to our generous instructors and fantastic attendees for making OLSSI 2014 possible! We couldn't do it without you.
In the next few weeks we will be uploading any materials that instructors used in their classes and have given us permission to make available here.
Then, at our September 12 steering committee meeting, we will kick the planning into high gear for OLSSI 2015, which will be July 26-28, 2015 at Baldwin Wallace University. More details to come after that meeting!

What to Bring

You may have noticed the What to Bring page in the 2014 Institute info. We have been updating it as this year's planning progressed, so please take a look again even if you have already seen it. Particularly, take note of the items in orange that are specific to this year:

  • Chair or blanket to sit on at campfire
  • Chair to sit on in the shared courtyard between our apartments
  • E-reader(s) of your own (if taking the "Dedicated Readers: Different Ways to Read an E-book" class)
  • Exercise clothes, if you wish to use the recreation & fitness center
  • Payment for books from James Willis (complete details here), if you wish to buy any
  • S'mores sticks for campfire, if you have them, and
  • Yoga mat, blocks, and any other props (if taking the yoga class).

Books from James A. Willis

On the Monday evening at OLSSI we will be joined around the bonfire by paranormal researcher James A. Willis, who will share ghost stories from around Ohio.
The last time that Mr. Willis joined us for OLSSI, some attendees were frustrated because they wanted to buy some of his books, but had not brought payment. So, if you are interested in buying any books, here are the titles that will be available and their prices:
The most popular titles: Big Book Of Ohio Ghost Stories - $25.00 Haunted Indiana - $11 Weird Encounters - $20 Weird Hauntings - $20 (HC) / $15 (PB) Weird Indiana - $20 (HC) / $15 (PB) Weird Ohio - $20 Weird US - $20 (HC) / $15 (PB) Weird US II - $20
Also available: All About Ohio - $13 Armchair Reader Goes Hollywood! - $16 Haunted America - $16 Mammoth Reader - $16 Weird, Scary & Unusual - $16
If you are interested in purchasing any of the books in the second category, "Also available", please email Mr. Willis at so that he can be sure to bring enough copies.

Construction Warning

If you are travelling to OLSSI 2014 from the north on I-71, please note that Route 68 is completely closed south of I-71. Detour signs should be in place to guide you to the next exit, Route 73, which you can take east to 68 beyond the construction.
Whereever you're coming from, you can always check OHGO to look for traffic, construction, or weather delays along your route.

Grand Prize

As our previous attendees will remember, we give away door prizes throughout the Institute, and then one big grand prize at the end. This year's lucky grand prize winner will receive a:
$300 gift certificate to Ohio State Parks!
This card can be used for all sorts of things, including:

  • Camping
  • Shopping at camp stores
  • Bike and boat rentals
  • Golfing
  • Renting a cottage, lodge, yurt, tepee, RV, and more!

You must be present at the closing ceremony on Tuesday in order to win!

OLC Certification Credit

Are you familiar with the OLC Ohio Public Library Staff Certification program? We are pleased to announce that OLSSI attendance is now an authorized source of contact hours for earning or renewing your certification.
Attending a full OLSSI conference grants you 10 contact hours, which is the total amount needed (in addition to other qualifications) for earning your certificate. That certificate is then valid for five years. Attending OLSSI every year during those five years will additionally grant the full amount needed for renewal when your certificate expires. So, as long as you continue to meet the other qualifications, you can maintain your certification simply by attending OLSSI every year.
We suggest that our 2012 and 2013 attendees from public libraries check into the program, as you may already have completed all of the requirements for certification. Our 2014 public library attendees may also want to consider applying for certification after this year’s event!
(Attendees from academic libraries may wish to check into the ALA-APA Library Support Staff Certification program, which is more complex but may also allow you to apply OLSSI attendance toward certification.)

ALAO Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Amanda Snyder of the University of Northwestern Ohio, winner of ALAO's scholarship giveaway for free attendance at OLSSI 2014!
We'll see you in Wilmington, Amanda!

OLSSI Book Club

The voting is done, and the book for the first OLSSI Online Book Club is: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It’s about a little girl in 1939 that discovers the power of books in an unfriendly world.
You have one month to get the book and read it. You can check it out of your local library, find a library that has it via WorldCat (, buy it, borrow it, etc.
Sign up for the OLSSI Online Book Club Facebook page here:
Michael Bradshaw will be the moderator for the discussion. You can send possible questions & talking points to:
Then we will meet at the OLSSI Online Book Club Facebook page at 7:00pm on June 17th and begin discussing it!
See you then!

Option to Register with a Credit Card

Late-breaking news! You can register for OLSSI 2014 using a credit card for payment! Just email your Registration Form to Tanya Ellenburg-Kimmet and note that you wish to pay by credit card. Tanya will guide you through the process from there.


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