Where to Go Upon Arrival

Our accommodations at the ONU campus have changed due to construction delays in the apartments we were to be using. We are now in the Stadiumview West building, #64 on the PDF campus map. Unload at the roundabout, then park your car in Lot V.

If using a GPS, you can set it for 401 W. College Ave. From there, follow the road around to the southwest. Go 4 stop signs and turn left at the Kroger machine.

See our Location page for maps and further details.

Accommodations Update

Update to the update: We will have access to laundry facilities, but they are shared by the apartment complex. So if you wish to bring laundry detergent (and softener), you will be able to do laundry, just not in your own apartment.

The other details remain accurate: we are in four-person apartments with four private bedrooms and two bathrooms. And each apartment has a full kitchen with major appliances, if you’d like to bring food and implements.

See our What To Bring list for further suggestions on items that our attendees often find helpful.

We look forward to seeing you in less than two weeks!

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s scholarships:

Cindi Bardash – Delaware County District Library, Orange Branch
Lori Chapin – King Library, Miami University
Derick Yara – D’Azzo Research Library, Air Force Institute of Technology

We look forward to seeing you in July!

Thanks to all of the scholarship applicants, who made choosing this year’s winners a wonderful challenge!