Readers Advisory Roundtable

Kara Pennella, Ivy Tech Community College: Share and hear about good reads.

Out of Sight and In Focus (or) Making Groovy Digital Images
Tanya Ellenburg-Kimmet, Wright State University: Want to know some basic tips to make your photos groovy? Like… Did cosmic vibration make the image blurry or out of focus while the camera is still? Why did resizing the image make it look psychedelic? What’s the hype with tif, jpg, or gif? Come to rap in class about earth-friendly photography and image design; learn to make smashing photo art. Bring your camera (optional/not needed) and your questions. Come get in the groove with a shutterbug while we work on our digital image karma.

Present like a Pro
Kristen Lindsay, Terra State Community College: Get ready to shed your fear of speaking in public, and boost your confidence level, whether you are preparing to give a one-on-one library tour or a department-wide workshop. This session will engage you in proven strategies to help ease your anxiety and polish your presentation skills.

Putting your Student Workers to Work – Student Worker Series @ Franklin University
Aaron Oates, Franklin University: Our student workers work hard for us, and we should do the same for them. Franklin University designed a workshop series to promote job readiness skills, and build professional development opportunities for our student employees. This session will discuss the outlets for development of monthly workshops and seminars designed to promote workplace skills, job readiness, inter-departmental connections, and discussions on how their current position can feed into their professional ones.

Privilege & Diversity
Paula Ashe: This presentation will discuss the importance of inclusion and intersectionality in text selection for various types of libraries, archives, and collections.

Socially Responsible Options for Your Discards and Donations
David Ebrite, Better World Books: No librarian wants to put their discards or donations into a landfill. Most want an environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible outlet for their surplus. Learn from David Ebrite, a rare and antiquarian book specialist who leads partnerships, media sales, and rare material sales for Better World Books, how they support literacy, libraries, and education with your surplus materials.

Forget the Kitchen Sink!  Designing Focused, Patron-Centered, and Mobile-Friendly Research Guides
Christopher Casey, Franklin University: LibGuides is an online content creation package that allows all libraries to curate resources into research guides that best fit the needs of their patrons. Research guides can be a valuable resource, but they must be designed effectively. The goal of this session is to highlight the value of research guides, and also the best practices to use when creating online resources. These include not only the amount and type of content, but also layout and design, writing for the web, and being mobile-friendly. Making use of these standards will make guides more user-friendly and targeted to the patron’s needs. While this session will focus on LibGuides, the information presented will be useful in regard to several aspects of web design.

Enhancing Your Catalog
Shelly Miller, OhioNET and Misty Alvaro, Upper Arlington Public Library: Elevate your catalog’s consciousness with Misty and Shelly! Identify core versus enhanced info, discuss best practices, and discover the advantages of enhanced records. Explore simple tricks to make your records sparkle.

Simple Hands-On Book Binding
Miriam B. Kahn, founder of MBK Consulting: When pamphlets fall apart, we often need to sew them back together. Children’s books get the most wear, so we will sew or rebind a few thin books. Learn some basic binding techniques in this hands-on workshop.

Miriam Matteson, Kent State University: Teamwork – what teamwork SHOULD be like (best case scenarios), and then how to repair things when it doesn’t quite go that way. We are always and forever going to have to work as teams, and a team can be a very effective way to get things done. But we all have team horror stories, too. So in this session we’ll talk about the ideal, and then look at how to make the ideal happen more often than not. We will provide tips on how to avoid bad situations, and help on how to get out of one if things have gone too far or gotten out of hand.

Library Snapshot: Central State University’s Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library
Learn about the collections and services of our host campus’s Library.

Library Snapshot: Miami University Libraries
Laura Birkenhauer, Miami University: Take a peek into the unique collections, spaces, and services offered in the Miami University Libraries of Oxford, Ohio. This session highlights innovative technologies, and high-interest holdings.

Library Snapshot: Greene County Public Library
Deanna Ulvestad, Greene County Public Library: Learn about GCPL and their special collections project.

Maps: Interpreting Current and Historical Resources
Miriam B. Kahn, founder of MBK Consulting: For local history and genealogy lovers, maps are a rich, but sometimes overlooked source of information. They can paint a vivid picture, offer rich insights, and fascinating stories, if you know what to look for. We’ll look.

Laughter Yoga
Teresa Speakman, Ohio University Lancaster: Laughter Yoga creates community by combining yoga breathing, stretching, and rhythmic clapping with laughter exercises. Laughter IS contagious, and has a powerful and immediate effect. Join the fun, and feel energetic and uplifted the rest of the day! *Dress comfortably. Bring water. Yoga mat not required.

O-H-I- Read!  Opportunities for Exploring Ohio Literature
Janet Ingraham Dwyer, State Library of Ohio; Nancy Boone, Ohio School for the Deaf; and Stephanie Michaels, State Library of Ohio: Ohio boasts a wealth of talented writers and illustrators who create books in all genres and for all ages. Learn about resources to help library staff, teachers, families, and individual readers explore, share, and celebrate Ohio literature.

Libraries and Summer Food, with Team Vittles/Chef Boyardee’s Army
ILEAD Team (Gregg Gassman, State Library of Ohio & Sarah Schaff, Denison University Library)
: What happens to kids who participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch program at school once summer comes along? Many of these kids fall through the cracks and end up hungry during those months. How can your library be a part of the solution? As participants in the ILEAD program (Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply, and Discover), our team is developing resources to make participation in the Summer Food Service Program easier and more effective.

3D Printer Introduction for your Library
Matt Motes, Serving Every Ohioan Library Center: This course focuses on how 3D printers are affecting people now, as well as what we see for the future. This course will walk you through how to obtain free files to print, costs for 3D printed items, free design software options, as well as actual costs incurred when investing in a 3D printer.

Google Tools
Jennifer Hicks, Miami University – Middletown Regional Campus: Learn the basics of several Google apps, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Forms, and Calendar. These free Google productivity tools help sync, simplify, and tackle projects in and out of the library.

Closing Speaker
Ryan Ireland, author, Greene County Public Library: The future and history of libraries – a motivational send off.