Important Additions to What to Bring

New this year, we have purchased bed sheets instead of renting them. Linen rental prices have been rising faster than other costs, so this helps us keep the cost to attend OLSSI affordable. The drawback is that we will not be providing a towel, pillow, or blanket. We will provide a pillow case, extra long twin fitted sheet, and extra long twin flat sheet. Please bring your own blanket, pillow (standard size if you want to use our pillow case), and bath towel.

Also, in the environmentally-conscious spirit of the 60s, we will no longer be providing bottled water. Central State has water fountains and taps readily available in all of the areas we will use. We encourage you to bring a groovy reusable water bottle if you wish to have water on the go!

Lastly, we will have a selfie booth! Dig those tie dye shirts, love beads, and headbands emblazoned with peace signs out of storage and bring them along.

See What to Bring for the complete list of our packing recommendations.