OLSSI will be at Central State University in Wilberforce, OH this year! Wilberforce is on the northeast side of Xenia, between Columbus and Cincinnati.

No matter how you navigate:

  • We are at Central State University in the town of Wilberforce. Wilberforce University is just across the street but is a completely different institution. Some maps show a Wilberforce Post Office on the Central State University campus. Don’t let this confuse you!
  • Entrances to campus from Brush Row Road will probably be closed while we are there. Your navigation provider may not know this. Just keep going around campus to US-42 for the main entrance.

Most map services, including Google, Apple, and Waze, have info for Central State that is outdated. Navigating via those map services to “Lane Drive, Xenia, OH” will get you to our building, but the drives marked “Lane Dr” and “3rd Ave” may be marked “Campus Drive” while on campus. There is also a brand new University Center building that maps may be missing, right next to our dorm. They may try to drive you through the new building, but once you’re there it should be easy to see your way around it.

Other map services, including Bing and HERE WeGo, get the name of Campus Drive right and may even have the new building indicated, but still have Campus Drive running right through the new building.

Whatever map service you use, program it for:
Central State University
1400 Brush Row Road (some map services omit this line)
Xenia, OH (or Wilberforce, OH)

It’s a relatively small campus, and we’ll have signs there pointing the way to OLSSI Check-In. You can also navigate the rest of the way using Central State’s campus map, which we have annotated here:

Click the map to enlarge.

Check-in is at building #26, Foundation Hall I, where we will be staying.

Foundation Hall I is an older apartment-style dorm. It is air-conditioned. The rooms have two beds, but you will have the room to yourself. Each room has a private sink. Each bathroom is shared by two bedrooms.

Rooms do not have kitchens. OLSSI will have mini-fridges in our common area where you can store medicine or other small essentials that must be kept cold. You may also bring a mini-fridge or cooler of your own to keep in your room.

Foundation Hall I does have laundry facilities in the building.

Classes and meals will be in the new University Student Center next to our dorm: