OLSSI Weather

The good news is that the weather forecast is calling for an unusually temperate OLSSI. The bad news for our outdoor perambulations, at least, is that there might be some rain. So as you pack, consider bringing rainy weather gear and, if you’re prone to chills, something to warm you on damp days in the air conditioning.

Directions to Mt. Union

Mt. Union is in Alliance, Ohio, southeast of Cleveland and about ten miles from Canton. The campus is relatively small, with only a few streets running through. Check-in will be at Bica-Ross Hall, which is between Shields Hall and the Hoover-Price Campus Center parking lot. That Hoover-Price Campus Center parking lot is where you want to park. All of these are just north of the athletic complex, so if you see a Mt. Union sports field, you’re nearly there. Look for the OLSSI signs!

For more details including recommended GPS settings, see the Location information.

What to Bring: 2018 Edition

There are a couple of new details on the list of items you may wish to bring for OLSSI this year:

  1. At the Readers Advisory Roundtable we will invite you to share a book that you recommend, so you are welcome to bring either the book or title and author.
  2. Instead of the knitting and crochet session we have had previously, we will have time for crafters of all kinds to gather. Some crafting materials will be provided, but you are also invited to bring a project of your own.

As in last year we will provide bed sheets, but you must bring your own blanket, pillow, and bath towel.

Up ‘Til 4

Our Sunday afternoon and evening will feature the local band Up ‘Til 4! They will be playing during the Meet and Greet and then again after dinner.

From their Facebook profile: “Up ‘Til 4 started out as a trio, but is now a full 5 piece band (6 when Jammin’ Paul can make it). They cover music from the folk/rock singer/song writer era, plus a few originals. Influences include Crosby, Stills, Nash, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carol King, and other classic rock music are all on the menu at any gig.”