Recordings and Other Materials

We are putting recordings of each WebEx session on YouTube for you to view after the class has ended. There is a delay of at least a few hours while that happens, possibly longer for the evening sessions. When links are available, they’ll be listed on the Class Schedule page along with any other supplementary materials that the presenter has made available.

Welcome To the Ohio Library Support Staff Institute 2021

The OLSSI Steering Committee has been working hard to put together an online event to substitute for our usual in-person event we hold each summer.  These classes are taught by librarians and professors, as well as library support staff members, and these programs provide valuable information and lessons.  Classes such as customer service, professional brand management, libraries after COVID, and new technology are bound to teach you new skills for your jobs.  Remind your supervisors of these classes when it comes time for your yearly evaluations.  Yes, we are coming out of a pandemic, but we remain in constant search of professional development.

Just make sure while you’re learning new skills (or brushing up on old skills) to have some fun each night.  We have scheduled board game arena, movie night, a book club, as well as crafting and chat night.  Perhaps you’ll make an online friend during classes or while discussing a book.  Online friends will have to do until we meet again next summer.

Starting in September we will be planning our next in-person conference since 2019 at Otterbein University, located in Westerville, Ohio, a neighbor of Columbus, Ohio, right in the middle of our state!  The OLSSI Steering Committee are rookies when it comes to planning online events but we’re all seasoned veterans of planning an in-person event and we hope everyone can join us.  And stay healthy!

David Sharp, Chair, OLSSI 2021

Registration Update 2 + Netflix Teleparty Instructions

Email invitations with the WebEx links for Monday’s sessions went out yesterday, and the rest are going out today. Please let us know if you registered for something but have not received a link by the end of the day today.

If you want to attend the Netflix Teleparty, please look these instructions over now so you have time to prepare:

  1. Be on a desktop computer, not a mobile device. You need to be able to install the full version of the Chrome browser with plugins, which the Chrome mobile app cannot do.
  2. Download and install the Chrome web browser if you do not already have it.
  3. Acquire a Netflix login if you do not already have one. Netflix allows account sharing, so if you know anyone who has an account and is willing to share their login, you can use that. Netflix is not currently offering any free trials; plans start at $8.99/mo.
  4. Follow the Netflix Teleparty instructions to install and prepare the plugin.
  5. If you are still having trouble, this PCMag article has a good summary of the process in the “Teleparty (Netflix Party)” section.
  6. When it’s almost time for our Netflix Teleparty to start, watch for our email with the link!

Registration Update & Deadline

Registration confirmations are going out! You may have already received a notice indicating that we received your registration. If not, you will get that soon.

Once WebEx finishes upgrading our account, you will receive a detailed confirmation indicating which classes you are signed up for. We expect that to happen in early July.

Registration will close on July 16 to allow us time to finish preparations. Get those registrations in!

More information will also be coming soon, including links to the sessions and instructions for how to use Teleparty for our Netflix movie nights.

Thank you for your patience as we scrambled to accommodate the much higher registration numbers than expected. We are THRILLED with your response and look forward to (virtually) seeing all of you soon!

Online for the First Time

When we cancelled OLSSI 2020 we were hoping to reconvene at Otterbein in 2021, but it looks like that will not yet be safe. So OLSSI 2021 will be online for the very first time! It will also be FREE for the first time!

Our schedule will be:
Monday, 7/26: 9:00am – choose from 2 classes
Tuesday, 7/27: 1:30pm – choose from 2 classes
Wednesday, 7/28: 9:00am – choose from 2 classes
Thursday, 7/29: 1:30pm – choose from 2 classes
Friday, 7/30: 9:00am – final class

If you miss a class or want to see both classes in one time slot, you’ll be able to watch each class later at your convenience. Attend one class or attend them all!

Stay tuned for more details soon!

OLSSI Online for the first time!