If you are support staff at an academic, school, government, or public library, OLSSI can count toward professional certification and recertification.

The following is correct to the best of our knowledge, but please refer to each organization for more details about their requirements.

Any library staff:

ALA’s Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC)

First time certification: OLSSI is not an approved course for first time LSSC candidates. However, information learned at OLSSI can be included in portfolios for the related competency sets.

Renewal: the ALA chart shows that 6 hours are equivalent to one day. Therefore, we suggest counting attendance at OLSSI as 12 contact hours, although this is up to the candidate’s discretion.

32 hours total are needed for renewal within 4 years and must include 4 contact hours related to technology. So, three years at OLSSI will completely cover the renewal requirements, as long as the applicant gets in enough technology classes. (OLSSI does not always offer technology classes, depending on the resources available at each site.)

School librarians:

School librarians are able to include information learned at OLSSI toward their portfolio standards for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Public library staff:

OLC’s Ohio Public Library Staff Certification (scroll down to the library staff section, below the librarian section)

OLC has confirmed that OLSSI meets the requirements for providing continuing education even though we are not on their list of Approved Providers. Specifically, we provide 10 contact hours of Category B: Noncredit Continuing Education Activities. This assumes that the applicant attends the one hour Sunday roundtable, six hours of classes on Monday, and three hours of classes on Tuesday. Therefore, annual attendance at OLSSI can completely cover the renewal requirement of 50 contact hours in 5 years.

OLC’s certification is significantly less expensive than ALA’s, but is limited to staff of public libraries only.


Pennsylvania: Library staff working 20+ hours per week need six hours of continuing education every two years to qualify. See their Continuing Guidelines for Public Library Staff (especially items 3c and 4e) and Librarian Certification for details. OLSSI is currently getting on the list of blanket approved providers, but for now attendees will need specific pre-approval.

West Virginia: Certified non-director staff in West Virginia must get three hours of continuing education every year. OLSSI is a pre-approved WV Library Commission continuing education provider, so no other pre-approval is necessary. Financial support is available.

Kentucky: Full time staff must get 50 Contact Hours for Library Experience level and 75 for Paraprofessional level. Part time staff are encouraged to get continuing education but are not required. OLSSI does not meet Kentucky’s standard for “Library Institute” but does count as one “Training Attendance” for each hour of classroom time. Certification renewal is every five years. See the Certification Program for Kentucky Public Libraries for more details.

Indiana: Continuing education is required for library staff whose work is 50% or more professional work. Staff performing at least 50% professional work must get 50 Library Education Units (LEUs); mid-level managers need 75 Units. OLSSI is an approved LEU provider for both our online webinars and the annual conference. One hour of OLSSI training equals one LEU.

Michigan: Certification is based entirely on education level and years of service. However, they do provide stipends for library staff to attend continuing education opportunities.


OLSSI may also count toward certification and recertification for other organizations, including those in further-flung states. Consult each organization for details, and contact your OLSSI liason if we can be of further assistance.