Readers Advisory Roundtable
Kara Pennella, Ivy Tech Community College: Share and hear about good reads for yourself or groups.

Cloud Computing
Matt Motes & Donald Winland, Serving Every Ohioan Library Center: Learn about cloud computing (or simply called ‘the cloud’) for delivery of on-demand computing resources over the internet.

Cheap Teen & Youth Programs A-Z
Robin Heintz, Piqua Public Library & Anjanette Hook, Beavercreek Community Library: Tight library budget?  Discover programs available for little cost with links to additional information on Pinterest.

Basic Cataloging for Library Technicians
Dr. Linda S. Dobb, Associate Provost , California State University East Bay: Are you a library technician or assistant needing basic cataloging?  OLSSI co-founder Dr. Dobb will demonstrate the basics for staff who need to know.

Building with Books: A Way to Promote Your Library
Erin Waltz & Marlys Bradshaw, Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library: What does every library have? BOOKS! Join Marlys and Erin for creative ideas on how to use your collections to make eye catching displays at no cost.

Windows 10
Matt Motes & Donald Winland, Serving Every Ohioan Library Center:  There is a definite learning curve to the Windows 10 operating system. Join Matt and Donald winding their way through the newest system, learning how to maneuver and utilize this latest operating system version.

‘Fieldtripping’ Your Library and/or Campus!
John Crissinger, the Ohio state University Newark/COTC Campus:  Do you wish your library was maybe a little more “out there” to the campus community and general public? Maybe I can help. I am an adjunct in geography. I love fieldtrips and have led one for almost every course I have ever taught. What I had not done is develop a “fieldtrip” for my library and campus – a real fieldtrip with stops and steps and sites and sounds. So, this presentation is how I applied my geographic interests of spatial place over time to build a library-campus fieldtrip. Come, hear and see my experience/experiment and maybe you, too, will be bit by the fieldtripping bug!

‘Oh My Gosh!’ I Nearly Forgot About the Databases!
Jay Burton, Southeastern Regional Library System:  A hands-on review of selected OPLIN online resources enabling library staff to assist in research and patrons’ needs.

 Brave New Worlds in Graphic Novels and Comics
Michael Bradshaw, Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library: The world of graphic novels is a deeply diverse one.  Besides the superheroes our patrons have come to love, we’ll also investigate the history of the medium and discuss titles about relationships, true crime, families, medical, cancer, noir, children’s titles, and more.

ADA Compliance in Libraries – the Chair’s Class
Jennifer Hicks, Miami University Middletown:  Join 2018 OLSSI chair, Jennifer Hicks, and learn about the Department of Justice’s Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design.  Is your library compliant with the act?

Library Snapshot – Stark County District Library
Jean McFarren, Deputy Director of Stark County District Library:  Discover Stark County District Library and its many services available through the county-wide system.

Library Snapshot – Ohio School for the Deaf
Nancy Boone & Tatum Cook, Ohio School for the Deaf:  This unique library operates as a school library for students from preschool to age 22.  It is also serves as a center on deafness, information about deafness, sign language, and deaf culture.  It is open not only to students and staff, but also to the public.

Successful Supervision: Uncovering the Complexities of Employee Relationships
Kristen Lindsay, Terra Community College: Do you have staff and students that are under your supervision?  Dr. Lindsay will discuss how to maneuver the many facets of employer/employee relationships.

(Library) Tour of Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center at the University of Mount Union
Robert Garland, Director, Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center:  Take a guided tour of this center with Director Robert Garland and discover the many services available to students and faculty.

Discovery Layers 101: What are These Things & What are They Designed To Do…
Sarah Schaff, Denison University:  In today’s internet-driven world, most users have come to expect a Google-like, single search box experience. In response, many libraries have begun to investigate and use discovery layers, like EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Summon, or WorldCat Discovery.  Despite the increased use of these software solutions, many questions linger about what these systems are, and what they are built to do. In this introductory session, we will discuss the purpose of discovery layers, how they work, and why they are useful for our libraries and patrons.

Ohio Radio Reading Services: Helping the Sight-Impaired to Read with their Ears
Dave Binkley, WEYE Seeing Eye Radio, Radio Reading Manager: Discover the history of Ohio Radio Reading Services, what is available to the visually challenged, and how to make these services available to your patrons or customers.

Over the Line: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Dr. Paul Heintz, Edison State Community College: Increase your understanding on the topics of impropriety, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and hostile work environment.  Learn how to personally and appropriately react in a sensitive situation, and how to advise others.  Dr. Heintz will provide invaluable information in our current world of increased awareness.

Fostering Library Connections: How Libraries Can Help Foster Care Families and Youth
Kristin Wilson, Loudonville Public Library:  Every year more than 23,700 Ohio children enter the foster care system; children who, through no fault of their own, had to be removed from their families due to abusive or neglectful situations.  Approximately 40% of children in the Ohio foster care system are between the ages of 13 to 17.  Do our library polices establish the library as a safe harbor for foster children?  Does your staff know how to developmentally handle children from abusive and neglected backgrounds?  What happens when teens age out of the foster care system?  How can libraries help?  Learn what is available to libraries, communities, and foster families.

Escape the Room: Innovation in Student Employee Team Building and Training
Megan Martin, Xavier University:  Do you feel as though your student employees are operating as individuals rather than a team?  Or do you see some students doing all the work, while other slack off?  We wanted to see our students serve as a team and came up with an innovative event to get team connections started!

Rosie the Comfort Dog Comes to the Library
Dan & Mary Ludlum and Rosie, Retired teacher and Retired librarian:  Come meet Rosie the Comfort Dog and her human helpers Dan and Mary.  Rosie has comforted humans since she was 2 months old.  Learn about her journey to assist wherever needed in libraries, hospitals, assisted living places, schools, and veteran’s events, as well as with emergencies and tragedies.

Public Libraries: Finding Purpose and Impacting Communities
Charlie Hansen, Columbus Metropolitan Library:  Come listen to Director of Public Services, Charlie Hansen, on how libraries can impact their communities.  Through the ability to access library materials, providing programs and services, libraries have a strong influence in the community where they are located.