Past Institutes

Except for 2020, OLSSI has been held annually since 2002! Here is what our attendees have had to say:

2023 at the University of Dayton

  • “This was a great experience + some wonderful information.”
  • “The best organized and most fun conference I’ve ever been to.”
  • “It’s great to get the opportunity to meet new people while learning from presenters and each other.”

2022 at Otterbein University

  • “Excellent. Great interaction with attendees. Got good ideas to take back.”
  • “Optimistic, compelling, thought provoking. Good company.”
  • “Good value for money.”

2021 Online for the First Time

  • “Great workshops, useful information, topics were very interesting and current.”
  • “Very professional. You’d never know it was your first time doing an online conference.”
  • “Wonderful organization and hope they are around for many years to come!!”

2019 at Heidelberg University

  • “My favorite thing was interacting with other attendees. I learned from their experiences and expertise and was able to share with others.”
  • “This was my first [OLSSI]. It was great. I was super excited. I got so much from it.”
  • “Amazing. Learned so much – instructors were fun and knowledgable.”

2018 at the University of Mount Union

  • “I love that OLSSI works to keep us all apprised of new trends and topics.”
  • “I’ve been to nine conferences in nine years and this one was easily the best.”
  • “I was ready for some different, expanded professional development! I was lucky that my request was approved. I hope it will be again next year.”

2017 at Central State University

  • “The courses were interesting and relevant to what our workplace is trying to accomplish. It also seemed to have more topics that I wanted to learn more about personally.”
  • “I’ve come before, and it’s always been really fun and helpful. I love the conference and the classes; they are very useful.”
  • “I have attended OLSSI several times. I have never been disappointed.”

2016 at Ohio Northern University

  • “This was a training with my peers. I didn’t feel outranked or ‘only’ a library associate. Very friendly staff. Well thought-out program. I like learning about other libraries.”
  • “Fun people! Good sessions that have info I can use immediately.”
  • “My favorite part of OLSSI is visiting other schools and meeting new faces. Also the classes and instructors. It’s always fun.”

2015 at Baldwin-Wallace College

  • “This was suggested to me by my supervisor, and though I was nervous and its hard to be away from home, it was a great experience.”
  • “I loved all of the classes and the location. I honestly wouldn’t change much.”
  • “The people were amazing. Fun, entertaining, enlightening.”

2014 at Wilmington College

  • “OLSSI is a great organization, and the classes they offer are great and informative. Nothing is keeping me from coming back.”
  • “I always enjoy seeing familiar and new faces each year. OLSSI is a great resource for library support staff.”
  • “The sessions were informative and interesting. The activities allowed me to network and get to know some pretty awesome people. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

2013 at Heidelberg University

  • “Without a doubt, the OLSSI conference was one of the most practical meetings I have attended in my 2+ years at [my employer].  I was also very pleased that OLSSI-folk made sure that we newbies felt immediately included in all of the events.  Strong work!”
  • “As always, OLSSI is a pleasure and joy to participate in. Attendees are engaged, having fun, and the environment is conducive to learning and socializing with colleagues. Good job!”
  • “Thanks for all your hard work! I really enjoyed it!”

2012 at Wright State University

  • “This is just a top notch production from start to finish!”
  • “I have coworkers say this is the best conference going, best classes, best teachers, best fun. They were right. … I learn things that work for my job, not librarians and managers.”
  • “OLSSI is so well organized; can’t wait for the next one.”

2011 at Ohio University, Athens

  • “Very well run. I’m impressed with how knowledgeable your instructors are. … Truly the best conference in Ohio.”
  • “I always get a lot out of OLSSI. Everyone is jazzed and it’s nice to go home energized (can you be exhausted and energized at the same time?)”
  • “Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s turning out very well.”

2010 at Baldwin-Wallace College

  • “Had a great time & learned a lot. Very organized!”
  • “This has been a fun and instructive conference!”
  • “Best conference I have attended. … Hope to attend next year and bring others. Lots of great ideas to take back.”

2009 at Denison University

  • “The mixture of education and fun was WONDERFUL! It did my heart good! I feel like I can really go back to work and tell them how much I learned!! … I can’t say enough how joyous I am! I feel like I can take on the world! Bravo OLSSI!”
  • ” You folks really know what you are doing!”
  • “Wonderful conference! Very best I have ever attended!”

2008 at The University of Toledo

  • “Had a very good time, left full of useful information to implement when I return to work.”
  • “I felt the conference was very well organized. The staff was very welcoming! And fun to be around.”
  • “Great conference.”

2007 at Shawnee State University

  • “Excellent selection of topics for sessions!”
  • “This is by far the BEST conference I have ever attended. (I have attended 2 to four conferences every year for the last ten years.)”
  • “F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!”

2006 at Wilmington College

  • “This is a great way to stay connected with what’s going on in a fast changing world.”
  • “The past few days have exceeded my expectations! Looking forward to attending future events.”
  • “Amazing! The effort, energy and love is quite evident! … The experience was educational, fun and worth my time!”

2005 at Baldwin-Wallace College

  • “Great conference, well-organized, will return!”
  • “So glad it was casual! It made it easier to get comfortable, relax, and absorb the huge amount of information.”
  • “Thank you for a great conference. See you next year.”

2004 at Ohio Northern University

  • “Exceeded expectations; empowering and personal.”
  • “Very well done – gave me a number of ideas of things to look up when I get back.”
  • “Exceeded expectations! Wow! I learned so much! A mini MLIS degree!”

2003 at Kenyon College 

  • “Thank you for such a great conference. Would love to come back next year.”
  • “This had to be an amazing amount of work . . . to great success. Spending time with each other forms relationships that would take years of meeting to achieve. As much learning takes place at the meals as the sessions.”
  • “The Institute as a whole was great. It was fun and informative.”

2002 at Ohio Dominican University

  • “Was worth every minute and every $.”
  • “What a wonderful 1st time event. Bravo!”
  • “Excellent for support staff.”